The Birth of a New Website

It is hard for me to imagine, but sometimes I meet people that have never heard of, the online marketplace for handmade or vintage goods.  Other times I meet or have heard from folks that do not want to have to create an account with Etsy so that they can order something they like.  For both of these reasons, and probably a few more I am announcing the launch of my new website:  I am certainly not a website developer, but thanks to technology, it isn’t too daunting of a task to create a basic website.

I will continue to operate through the Etsy platform, as the global reach that they have is astounding.  The new site, for now, will be concentrating on my Pictures on Wood.  I think it will be easier for my customers, old and new, to be able to go to the site, click on their choice and pay for their portraits.  The other added benefit is flexibility.  Etsy, while extremely easy to set up and manage, is limited when it comes to adding certain options to merchandise that one sells.  With the new site, I am free to arrange my listings the way I would like them, have unlimited keyword entry, and well…it will just be kind of cool.  I am certain the site will go through many changes in the months to come to get it exactly the way I want it.  Navigating the learning curve and adding more items is high on the priority list.

I have already developed two new items that are not in my Etsy shop yet, but will soon be (as well as the new website): Pictures on Reclaimed Cedar Blocks and Pictures on Reclaimed Corrugated Barn Tin.  I have demoed the Cedar Blocks at a trade show and have received a ton of great feedback on them, however being a busy mommy and small business owner can slow product development.  I am looking to add these two items to the shop within the next week, so please stay tuned!  Here is a sneak peek at the blocks:

Pictures on Reclaimed Cedar
Pictures on Reclaimed Cedar


Thank you to everyone for your support over the past several months.  Your word of mouth advertising and prayers are a huge help in realizing this vision for my business.  I will be at the Weatherford Trade Days Friday through Sunday, July 3,4 and 5.  If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello.  My dad will be hanging out with me and lending a hand Saturday.  See you then!

God Bless,


Happy Father’s Day

Yesterday was a day to celebrate all of the special ways that daddies out there are fathers to their children.  Many times, for my family, it is tough to fit in time to celebrate the day with my husband, my father and my father-in-law.  Yesterday we were able to celebrate together, as one big family!  My awesome brother had the idea to have everyone over to his house for a fish fry.  Despite the rain, a good time was had by all!  My brother handled 99% of the preparation and cooking, while we all could sit around and fellowship with one another.

it was great to see the guys laughing at numerous dad stories, son stories, and even a few about me. 🙂  I listened how my husband, Brian learned many life lessons from his dad.  Some, I would say, were embarrassing to Brian, but he was quick to throw in a quick story about his dad to level things out a little.  My brother told stories of us riding dirt bikes when we were kids and stories of him and our dad working on trucks and tractors when he was a teen.  Many hunting stories were shared, as we are all avid hunters, and a few lies *exaggerations, I’m sure! My brother made our dad a turkey tail feather mount with a picture of him and our dad with the turkey he shot this past winter.  It was a beautiful mount, complete with an eight inch beard.  It was a beautiful father-son moment.

My dad and I shared memories of times from long ago, as well as some of my Nanny, who has seen 101 birthdays so far and is still so very lively and sweet as ever.  I was sure to let my dad know just how much I appreciate everything that he has done for me through all of the years, and reminded him of how great of a father he is.  He is a special man, and comes from a special family made up of the most genuine people you would want to meet.

This was a special Father’s Day for Brian, in that, his dad was very sick at the first of the year and hospitalized.  Brian was very concerned about his dad’s health and how things were going to turn out.  But, as Brian said, his dad was too stubborn to give in or give up and is doing well today.  It was nice to see a new light in his dad’s eyes.  You could see the way that he looked at Brian was not too much different than before, but just a little more polished.  They both knew how close he was to having a much different outcome, and for that I think they are even closer now than they were.

I also enjoyed eavesdropping watching my husband and my dad enjoy each other’s company.  They have become such good friends over the years.  Listening to them planning the outdoor kitchen/grilling building that my dad and Brian are going to be putting at his house and planning for the upcoming hunting season, though it is still over three months away, was nice.  Brian giving my dad a hard time and my dad giving it back in return is always funny.  When my dad, my brother and my husband starting dishing out the jokes about one another, it is always so funny.

Being a part of this Father’s Day, watching those four men be themselves and do what guys do was a refreshing time for me.  I enjoyed it, as I know they did too.  Family is the most important thing we have in this life, and it passes us by all too fast.  Please take time to visit with your family.  Let them know that they are loved, even though it is always implied.  Life is so short, and like most, I get caught up in the day to day rat race all too often.  But I always try to find time to get my family together…so we all can blow off some steam, eat some delicious food that God has provided for us, and enjoy these precious minutes that we have on this earth with the ones that I love.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the dad’s out there, and to the mothers that pull double duty!

God Bless,


My Brother, My Dad, Me, Brian and his Dad.  Happy Father's Day!
My Brother, My Dad, Me, Brian and his Dad. Happy Father’s Day!

DIY Pictures on Wood?

IMG_0497Frequently, I set up booths at craft/trade shows around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to sell and advertise my business. While interacting with the shoppers, I watch as people react when they first see my displays of my portraits on reclaimed wood.  I would guess that 80% of the patrons stop in there tracks or do a “double-take” when they see them.  I watch them slowly reach towards the portraits almost as if they were apprehensive about touching a living person.  Now, I am not saying my portraits are life-like, but among the responses I hear are, “Oh my gosh”, “These are beautiful”, “These are so cool”, and a very large amount of “how do you do this?!?”.  I of course tell them the secret…”pure magic”. They then typically laugh and realize that I am not about to give up that information.

One of the other comments I sometimes here (though usually when I am not looking) is, “Oh that’e easy…you can find it on Pinterest.”  Not knocking Pinterest, as they have some great ideas and wonderful DIY projects, but you won’t find my process on Pinterest or any other website.  I have tried all of the photo transfer processes and there are several problems with the techniques.  Among the most frustrating is the roughly 30% success rate when applying the techniques.  One process requires you to basically rub the tips of your fingers off.  I could not imagine doing that day after day, and the result you are left with is a dull, lifeless image.  Other techniques, like printing on wax paper have decent results, but the slightest error when applying the paper to the wood or even a shaky hand will smudge beyond repair.  Assuming all things go perfectly, the resulting image is still not close to a professional looking display. In my shop BellaRemi Designs, you will find several different choices of my professional portraits.  You will find that my pricing is better than the others who sell much less quality displays and the result is a beautiful rustic portrait that you can display forever.  They make the perfect wedding, baby shower, Mother’s Day, Father’s day or Christmas gift.

I really enjoy creating these portraits for folks to enjoy in their homes, and the feedback I get makes me proud.  I just can’t imagine feeling as proud by offering an inferior product due to using inferior techniques!

God BlessIMG_0560

Hello world!

Hello everyone,

Today starts a new chapter in my world of creating unique rustic home decor.  I am now a blogger.  My hope is to share new ideas, techniques and tutorials that may be new to some and maybe a refresher for others.  I specialize in creating rustic decor made from reclaimed wood and re-purposed items. Most times my techniques are quite unique and often unusual.

I have had a natural love and passion for crafting since I was a young girl. It has been a part of virtually every day of my life. I have spent my adult years in the corporate world, but have come to a point in my life that I have chosen to leave that world behind and pursue my passion. Spending much more time with my husband and two little girls is a very special bonus.

I truly love coming up with new ideas and creating them in new, unconventional ways resulting in an amazing piece of work that people can enjoy. I am excited each time a friend, family member or customer comes to me with an idea and says, “run with it, Lacey”. I would like each of my new customers to feel comfortable enough with me to say the same thing, and in the end wind up with the perfect piece of home decor that they wanted.

I opened my Etsy shop, BellaRemi Designs, in February of this year (2015) and have had success at several trade shows thus far.  I am so excited to see my little shop grow and add a little bit of my creativity to my clients homes and offices.  My “Reclaimed Wood Photo Display” has quickly became my signature item.  My husband and I, through trial and error, were looking for a good way to consistently get a great quality photo on wood, but still be able to see and feel the grain and texture of the wood.  We did not want to just slap a picture on some wood.  We wanted the picture to become part of the wood itself.  We finally discovered a process that works great and yields beautiful results.  I get so many compliments on them and it brings such a big smile to my face each time I watch my clients eyes light up when I present them with their portrait, or to read the emails from them telling,me how much they love them.   Below is an example:

Reclaimed Wood Photo Display Brian and Lacey Photo Sign 3 Brian and Lacey Photo Sign 5 Brian and Lacey Photo Sign

I also really enjoy creating different styles of rustic wall decor. These range from hand-painted signs to re-purposed shelves and curio cabinets.  Some of these can be found in my shop as well.

Thank you so much for taking a few moments to read my first blog.  I am a crafter, wife and mommy, not a writer, so please try to look past the errors that you are sure to come across. 🙂 I invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as favorite my Etsy shop.  I welcome any ideas for future blog topics or projects.  I look forward to sharing new ideas, projects and hopefully interacting with my readers in the future.  God Bless each of you, and be safe out there!