The Birth of a New Website

It is hard for me to imagine, but sometimes I meet people that have never heard of, the online marketplace for handmade or vintage goods.  Other times I meet or have heard from folks that do not want to have to create an account with Etsy so that they can order something they like.  For both of these reasons, and probably a few more I am announcing the launch of my new website:  I am certainly not a website developer, but thanks to technology, it isn’t too daunting of a task to create a basic website.

I will continue to operate through the Etsy platform, as the global reach that they have is astounding.  The new site, for now, will be concentrating on my Pictures on Wood.  I think it will be easier for my customers, old and new, to be able to go to the site, click on their choice and pay for their portraits.  The other added benefit is flexibility.  Etsy, while extremely easy to set up and manage, is limited when it comes to adding certain options to merchandise that one sells.  With the new site, I am free to arrange my listings the way I would like them, have unlimited keyword entry, and well…it will just be kind of cool.  I am certain the site will go through many changes in the months to come to get it exactly the way I want it.  Navigating the learning curve and adding more items is high on the priority list.

I have already developed two new items that are not in my Etsy shop yet, but will soon be (as well as the new website): Pictures on Reclaimed Cedar Blocks and Pictures on Reclaimed Corrugated Barn Tin.  I have demoed the Cedar Blocks at a trade show and have received a ton of great feedback on them, however being a busy mommy and small business owner can slow product development.  I am looking to add these two items to the shop within the next week, so please stay tuned!  Here is a sneak peek at the blocks:

Pictures on Reclaimed Cedar
Pictures on Reclaimed Cedar


Thank you to everyone for your support over the past several months.  Your word of mouth advertising and prayers are a huge help in realizing this vision for my business.  I will be at the Weatherford Trade Days Friday through Sunday, July 3,4 and 5.  If you are in the area, please stop by and say hello.  My dad will be hanging out with me and lending a hand Saturday.  See you then!

God Bless,