Signs and Wonders

I love making different signs for my clients.  Some recent ones are shown below.

Biscuits and Gravy 2 Wonderful WorldNo SolicitingSunshine Hey Daddy 23x5

Whether it is an original idea of mine, or an idea that was given to me by them, I get a great deal of joy throughout the process.  I feel so blessed to be able to turn my love of crafting into a business that I can run out of my home.  I am also grateful for some of the amazing people that I have met through this transformation thus far.  Two people that I have met are extra special to me and they create some of the most beautiful signs I have ever seen.  They are much different than the style of sign that I create in that the signs they craft are carved wood signs like these:

Signs and Wonders Carved Sign 2 Signs and Wonders Carved Sign Signs and Wonders Carved Sign 3 Signs and Wonders Carved Sign 4 Signs and Wonders Carved Clock

These two people that I am about to brag about are Brent and Amanda Hutchens.  They are the owners of Signs and Wonders in Springtown, Texas and they create unique carved wood masterpieces. Brent has been creating everything from wood signs and furniture, to building homes for decades and has truly mastered the art of wood carving. Their signs amaze me every time I see them.  The detail that Brent can achieve while carving is incredibly awe inspiring.

Besides signs, they make the cutest carved wood benches:Signs and Wonders Carved Bench

carved chests:Signs and Wonders Carved Chest

and carved candle-lit lithopanes:Signs and Wonders Carved Lithopane Signs and Wonders Carved Lithopane 2 Signs and Wonders Carved Lithopane 3 Signs and Wonders Carved Lithopane 4

Amanda also uses her imagination and talent in creating rustic furniture pieces by re-purposing doors, windows, fences and pretty much anything else she can get her hands on.  I love watching their customers reactions when they see the new creations that Amanda dreams up.  I’m sure my reaction is the same when I first see them.  Their pricing is more than reasonable and the custom orders that they receive are handled professionally with an incredibly fast turn-around time.

If you can dream it up, I bet that Brent and Amanda can create it for you.  They are two truly talented people with the biggest and warmest hearts that passionately create unique, custom works of art.  You can connect with them at their online shop or their Facebook Page.

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