DIY Pictures on Wood?

IMG_0497Frequently, I set up booths at craft/trade shows around the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to sell and advertise my business. While interacting with the shoppers, I watch as people react when they first see my displays of my portraits on reclaimed wood.  I would guess that 80% of the patrons stop in there tracks or do a “double-take” when they see them.  I watch them slowly reach towards the portraits almost as if they were apprehensive about touching a living person.  Now, I am not saying my portraits are life-like, but among the responses I hear are, “Oh my gosh”, “These are beautiful”, “These are so cool”, and a very large amount of “how do you do this?!?”.  I of course tell them the secret…”pure magic”. They then typically laugh and realize that I am not about to give up that information.

One of the other comments I sometimes here (though usually when I am not looking) is, “Oh that’e easy…you can find it on Pinterest.”  Not knocking Pinterest, as they have some great ideas and wonderful DIY projects, but you won’t find my process on Pinterest or any other website.  I have tried all of the photo transfer processes and there are several problems with the techniques.  Among the most frustrating is the roughly 30% success rate when applying the techniques.  One process requires you to basically rub the tips of your fingers off.  I could not imagine doing that day after day, and the result you are left with is a dull, lifeless image.  Other techniques, like printing on wax paper have decent results, but the slightest error when applying the paper to the wood or even a shaky hand will smudge beyond repair.  Assuming all things go perfectly, the resulting image is still not close to a professional looking display. In my shop BellaRemi Designs, you will find several different choices of my professional portraits.  You will find that my pricing is better than the others who sell much less quality displays and the result is a beautiful rustic portrait that you can display forever.  They make the perfect wedding, baby shower, Mother’s Day, Father’s day or Christmas gift.

I really enjoy creating these portraits for folks to enjoy in their homes, and the feedback I get makes me proud.  I just can’t imagine feeling as proud by offering an inferior product due to using inferior techniques!

God BlessIMG_0560

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