Hello world!

Hello everyone,

Today starts a new chapter in my world of creating unique rustic home decor.  I am now a blogger.  My hope is to share new ideas, techniques and tutorials that may be new to some and maybe a refresher for others.  I specialize in creating rustic decor made from reclaimed wood and re-purposed items. Most times my techniques are quite unique and often unusual.

I have had a natural love and passion for crafting since I was a young girl. It has been a part of virtually every day of my life. I have spent my adult years in the corporate world, but have come to a point in my life that I have chosen to leave that world behind and pursue my passion. Spending much more time with my husband and two little girls is a very special bonus.

I truly love coming up with new ideas and creating them in new, unconventional ways resulting in an amazing piece of work that people can enjoy. I am excited each time a friend, family member or customer comes to me with an idea and says, “run with it, Lacey”. I would like each of my new customers to feel comfortable enough with me to say the same thing, and in the end wind up with the perfect piece of home decor that they wanted.

I opened my Etsy shop, BellaRemi Designs, in February of this year (2015) and have had success at several trade shows thus far.  I am so excited to see my little shop grow and add a little bit of my creativity to my clients homes and offices.  My “Reclaimed Wood Photo Display” has quickly became my signature item.  My husband and I, through trial and error, were looking for a good way to consistently get a great quality photo on wood, but still be able to see and feel the grain and texture of the wood.  We did not want to just slap a picture on some wood.  We wanted the picture to become part of the wood itself.  We finally discovered a process that works great and yields beautiful results.  I get so many compliments on them and it brings such a big smile to my face each time I watch my clients eyes light up when I present them with their portrait, or to read the emails from them telling,me how much they love them.   Below is an example:

Reclaimed Wood Photo Display Brian and Lacey Photo Sign 3 Brian and Lacey Photo Sign 5 Brian and Lacey Photo Sign

I also really enjoy creating different styles of rustic wall decor. These range from hand-painted signs to re-purposed shelves and curio cabinets.  Some of these can be found in my shop as well.

Thank you so much for taking a few moments to read my first blog.  I am a crafter, wife and mommy, not a writer, so please try to look past the errors that you are sure to come across. 🙂 I invite you to subscribe to my blog and follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, as well as favorite my Etsy shop.  I welcome any ideas for future blog topics or projects.  I look forward to sharing new ideas, projects and hopefully interacting with my readers in the future.  God Bless each of you, and be safe out there!


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